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[Outres Mers] Healthy Ocean Project

As a volunteer to America’s Cup World Series in San Francisco, I participated in a beach cleanup at Fort Baker for the event’s “Healthy Ocean Project”. Although it seemed comical to clean an area that seemed fairly well-kept, buckets filled up quickly with trash. 

While I signed up to that event out of curiosity to all the aspects of the America’s Cup series, I realized the importance of remaining conscious of our impact to the sea during that sport. 

The potential of the sailing industry in Haiti led me to volunteer at America’s Cup and the Healthy Ocean Project reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine, avid sailor, who sailed pass Haiti and saw sailboats with recycled advertisement banners for sails. 

I recently found the perfect picture of a Haitian sailboat made out of recycled materials (picture source: Haiti Tourism Inc). What’s striking about the picture are the messages read on the sailboat: A repeated "Acces Haiti" (a popular Internet brand in Haiti), and in Creole "Wash your hands with Water and Soap to prevent Cholera"

From the recycling aspect of this sailboat to the messages literally conveyed on the sailboat, this picture is really priceless by speaking to environmental and hygiene issues…. serving as a real vessel of communication. 

Easy Reach

And as a sideline- Working with the “Easy Reach” tool really made the task easier and engaged young kids to participate. Free advertisement for the company… Personal reminder for future similar endeavors. 

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